a) User related and account information: All personal information shared by visitors and users of start properties will become property of Star Properties only. This information will be shared only with real-state partners based on certain selective criteria to deliver best possible real-estate of options to the subscribers. This information won’t be shared with any third party for any kind of marketing purposes. And no such request will be entertained with any third party to sell these data.

b) Storage of personal information: We store user data for the defined purpose only. Users will be contacted by appropriate real-estate agents with the best options of properties. The stored data are completely secured and protected by high standard of data-security system.

c) Third Party information: We receive third party information data only at your direction to collect the same from third party sites.

d) Browsing Data: For our marketing purposes, we keep track of online browsing behavior of visitors on our website. The complete online navigation, duration, clicking behavior etc. are recorded by embedded Analytics tool in the website. This is done only to keep our service up-to-date and as per with our customer’s requirement and expectation.

e) Referral Information: We keep track of referral websites from which Users land in our website. This is completely for marketing purpose of Star Properties and the same information won’t be shared with any third party for any kind of promotional purposes.

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